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Kansas Severe Storm

In May of 2012, I was in a severe thunderstorm watch area in Kansas south of Topeka. I watched one storm pop on the radar 100 miles or so away to the south west, and started blasting towards it. I had to make a snap navigation decision and learned the hard way that the Kansas Turnpike has exits only every 30 miles or so in the Flint Hills area! I headed about 20 miles farther southwest than I needed to, watching the storm go severe. I then finally reached the exit and looped back north, got on the updraft south of Cottonwood Falls as this severe-warned, hook-shaped monster moved back into a roadless area. I got north and east around the back of the storm (no roads where I needed to go!) and then core punched this storm's formerly severe, northerly cousin and emerged into the updraft to see this view, which literally took my breath away. I leap frogged out in front of the storm until the sun set, and the he storm chased me all the way back to northeastern Oklahoma where I had a room for the night. More photos and writeup on this storm here:

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